About Elvi

She was very active into sport and also dancing since she was young. She took a Javanese traditional dance lesson when she was in an Elementary school. Beside dancing, she also took 2 martial arts classes. The first one called „Pencak Silat“ – the Indonesian martial arts. The other one was Karate. She joined Karate for 3 years in her high school and earned a green belt and a bronze medal from a competition.

In 2010 she began her journey of becoming a Zumba instructor. She took a Zumba class for a year before she decided to become an instructor in August 2011. She realized, becoming a Zumba instructor is the best decision ever! Zumba changed her life in the positive ways and her life turned into a nonstop party since day one!

Elvi is a mom, has 2 kids and has been living in Germany since 2006.

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